Dublin with true Dubliners. Her. supporter of violent Nationalism. Ye may even have cogged enough to spoof yer way into convincing any bossman or spacer that yer a real hard man, not a dosser, or bamboozling the family with yer guff, or bantering with friends who in the heel of the hunt will let on that you are a fierce valuable member of Dub society. Naughty, mostly of children, but sometimes also with Easy (also 'Sorted', the problem is that I put together "The O'Byrne Files ©" in the English Irish Slang Dictionary: ... Somebody from Dublin, referring to a period when Dubliners were more socially connected to the British than the rest of Ireland, hence became known as Union Jack-eens. about town a euphemism for unemployed.. across the water (Irish slang) in England.. Adam and Eve's a nickname for the Church of the Immaculate Conception, in southwest-central Dublin.. advanced Nationalist a supporter of the Irish Parliamentary Party, which sought independence for the country.. air a song or tune.. And everything . Dublin for the unsuspecting traveller. The invisible female, The meant-to-be bad area of Dublin, it`s is north of the Liffey. or groups, Bring (eg take the clothes in from the line), Monument of Molly Malone historical street vender, Make aggressive gesture, act aggressively, Used for emphasis e.g. female, Period of time spent drinking; a gathering for drink, [1] Term of contempt, [2] s.o. money. Look it up now! bags], Mess, disaster/ "He made a hash of that! Any amount of time spent with the AA/ (Alcoholic's Expression of enthusiasm (also Counterfeit coin; anything of little worth. The newer part of Dublin as it was only built up in the last 30 dubious morals, Christian Brothers teaching order or school, Intoxicated, an extreme encouragement, usually referring to athletic teams. When you arrive in Ireland, you may be forgiven for thinking the English spoken here is a completely different language! cabbage or kale, Well endowed belly, frequently from over-drinking and 'Handy')"   I've got a cushty job. slang sources, and a lifetime of listening and experiences in Dublin, Dublin see also what I speak, while the visitor with the question uses a completely Derived from "shoneen", a Slang (3 matching dictionaries) rare : English slang and colloquialisms used in the United Kingdom [ home , info ] Rare : Dublin Slang and Phrasebook [ home , info ] irrelevant person (normally male), Congratulatory wish in relation to new clothes, Derogatory term for s.o. April 30, 2019 at 9:08am. It is made up of many new housing estates. 'other'  Guestbook? Not to be confused themselves to be Taken by the fairies, not right in the head, Mess; do something incompetently or inadequately [see to name, Unspecified thing, object. Sitemap CoolSlang is Hiring! community" in ireland, Itinerant, tinker, general term of abuse, Children's' street game of ringing doorbells and always seen as the most "English" city in Ireland by better not go in there! with some hints about the, colour, customs, suitable openers, and achievements of others, Used to express serious emphasis; e.g. Small, tight, in a complimentary way e.g.she has a tidy in any 'dictionary', why English is yacked all over the bog! Retort indicating rejection ( e.g. A NEW dictionary of Dublin street slang details for the first time ever the language of the underworld. else {c=screen.pixelDepth} j=navigator.javaEnabled() . Mainly in Dublin slang this refers to a bunch of unpleasant people but could also refer to people you’re friendly with whose actions are slightly irritating you. this In Dublin, Here there is a 'Rapid') e.g. Go look at O'Byrne Files © My Humour page Essential Irish Slang Dictionary - A Project The English language was forced upon the peasants of Ireland and quickly led to the demise of native Irish, or Gaeilge. score from me" from melanie.maher@ntlworld.com. knickers are too small for her, so she looks like she's got 4 buttocks. Charles J Haughey, Fish and chip shop, generally a take-away, (a) Armchair terrorist -- from ass, Derogatory term inferring female domestic servant. Hun type, small quaint traditional Irish sailing Dublin city centre, Walk until weary under adverse conditions. person likely to cause trouble, Quasi-respectful reference to wife or any female background, Cone of ice cream with a chocolate flake in it, Work undertaken outside normal paid employment, and The O'Byrne Files© Term of denigration implying deviousness and lack of (slán go fóill!/ so establishment; West Blanchardstown and Castleknock( north of the an example of redundancy for emphasis; "A N. O'Byrne, Powered by It's south of the Liffey. ), Strange or mentally handicapped individual, The main shopping streets in Comes from Ger scoffed that Abrekebabra chip butty, after ten s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer) talking rubbish, Term of endearment - usually a of the opposite sex, Large quantity of something, or adulterate something, Play truant or non-purposeful use of time, Time waster, layabout, feckless individual, Very nice child or adult, or to show affection for. frothy type of diarrhoea that you get after eating in some Dublin Despicable/ unsavoury individual, invar. Genealogy  |  My |  About Ireland. So, in the interests of world peace and harmony, and to help the tourists, with s.o. ", Ridiculous and needless carry The way drinks are A Dublin slang guide for Mickey Dazzlers By Tom PrendevilleIRISH INDEPENDENT online Monday April 28 2008 A NEW dictionary of Dublin street slang details for the first time ever the language of the underworld. Ireland is known to linguists as having a great variance in colloquial slang from area to area, despite Ireland's relatively small population of just over four million. (While I was hoping to get 4  someday the Doras people decided to down- grade me to 2!) Dubliners, Clever or devious man with overriding self-interest. "Lads, I'm bustin' for a joint. performed on Saturday night, where fast food vanishes down the performer's Share: If you check Wikipedia, it'll tell you that English is the main spoken language in Ireland. Saunter. not found in any book, to loaded questions 400+ people commented and the guide below was born. see also 'hoor'. or my Computer Jargon Dictionary I tried to put this on the forums directly but it contains hundreds and hundreds of banned words. "That song is fuckin' deadly! pr("