19. Robert John Bardo (born January 2, 1970) is an American man serving life imprisonment without parole after being convicted in October 1991 for the July 18, 1989, murder of American actress and model Rebecca Schaeffer, whom he had stalked for three years. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Thanks for befriending all of us loud and clear. Wouldn’t want anyone actually duplicating, now would we. Obviously we need as many people as possible to sign it immediately, so if you know anyone else that can sign it, please have at it. Hear, hear: Why do I feel I know you? Visitors Counter. I think your idea is certainly key in the concept of that basic structure. 103, with estimated … View Robert Almblad’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Where is DIANA Hubbard – lovely daughter from LRH? Experience Project Specialist/Mechanical Design I also have supported the North American Water and Power Alliance concept for many years. Aaaaaay-o! Robert Murat outside the High Court in London on 17 July 2008, after receiving £600,000 in libel damages from 11 British newspapers. I love reading you… this is sooo smooth and true… I felt the same when I came into Scientology in 1989 and then it got worse and I never understood why ???? Americas. LRH was pretty big Patent number: 5807042 Abstract: The invention relates to a key making machine that automatically extracts characteristics of an object key without human intervention. Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images Hallo Robert I remember you well At AOSHDK ,Tech Services DP / L. Ron Hubbard’s family shall be vindicated, including all belongings given back All that eventually ended my being a scientologist and sped my journey out of the nightmare of auditing connected to Flag, especially in my last few years there. 107 Washington The last significant event in the company history is INVOLUNTARILY DISSOLVED which is dated by 11/21/1984. That Miscavige can be particularly vicious during its death throes should come as no surprise. Scientology was just a huge amount of fun. Did auditing and classes in the FCDC not 2125 S Street NW. Carol, thank you for your kind words and I know that how you view yourself contributes to how you see me… so I see the same in you. Discover more at PTV Today. It would have saved tons and tons of grief and many good friends and staff in later “purges” and enabled LRH to get back on lines as he wanted, thwarting the imposed exile by DM and Pat. Since that was the earlier key-out, before the overruns and key-in, your post is rehabilitating all by itself. this is great. 1. lol !! Maybe you were there too. Oh my God! But with all these technologies, I have spent  $millions and many years developing them with models, prototypes, laboratory work, etc…  I did not spend money to become the next double bacon cheeseburger Patron of IAS or to build monuments to myself. 20. Change ). So we have already more than 3,600 signatures. I speculate that having worked with Miscavige in the Sea Org, Bill Robertson saw the handwriting on the wall about what the CoS was headed for, and the eventual result was his founding of the FreeZone in order to as of signature #3,375, The top ten states: QUOTE Being an inventor, you might well help me with a little problem. It was the best of times to be on lines. I’ve forwarded this as a news tip to http://drudgereport.com/ , one of the largest news aggregates. I love who you are and what you stand for. On the Independent side of things, everything is going according to plan; matters are under beautiful control. ... Robert Almblad says. Hi Gary, I really like your point of view. 179 Texas Captain Bill Robertson was subsequently completely dead-agented within the CoS world and along with MarySue and everyone else from the early days, has been wiped from the history of the CoS. My thought at the time was that it was so bad that I wouldn’t want to continue it, even if Flag was paying me hundreds of dollars per hour to endure the over run and out tech. In 1974 I was on staff at the Advanced Organization in Denmark and my wife, also on staff, was pregnant. Anyway was very funny. Robert, your post made me so mad, I joined the discussion today and signed the aforementioned petition. This is so indicative of how the very cornerstone of organisation and expansion has been twisted and corrupted by DM’s Brave New World from delivery of Scientology to MEST. Sarah Turner Almblad, Sarah M Almbiad, Sarah M Almblad, Sarah T Almblad and Sarah T Amblad are some of the alias or nicknames that Sarah has used. That was the out tech from the auditor that came up… Then again a week later… I blew the same night…. 2) They will send you an email, with a link. All. What happens when you die? feeling Love, Compassion and understanding will HELP. God, it was bad. I was there in the mid 70s. Thanks a lot (email thetamag@yahoo.gr. 536 California Or anyone you know in a hospital who wants to go home without a life-threatening infection. Thank you for signing the petition “EXAMINE THE GOVERNMENT’S FAILURE TO INVESTIGATE AND PROSECUTE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY CRIME, FRAUD AND ABUSE.” We appreciate your participation in the We the People platform on WhiteHouse.gov. I guess the dwarf will just have to clean his own bathroom and not rely on anyone else doing it on their………..CSP time. It was me. So, please get more people to sign the petition at the White House. Your privacy is protected and no one can actually see who you are. CoS management structure shall be reinstall as intended and designed by LRH: http://www.savescientology.com. 67 Pennsylvania Thanks for sharing. 17. You sound like an unstoppable freight train of a being, opposed by a lunatic near the end of his spin cycle. 199 Florida I have carried on. With this single alter-is of LRH’s end phenomena technology, DM was able to destroy Scientology faster and more effectively than any government, international banker, or space alien… That is why I believe the Church is dead. So, thanks for stepping back, smiling, and enjoying the day. Update on petitions signed as of Wednesday, AM October 19th, Robert said===== 21. 94 Illinois Today, the New OT V process is intended to make you un-cause over life. He doesn’t know himself. Mr. Michael, I worked in Dept 3 for a majority of my 18 year S.O. There is a story here. Robert Russell Garwood (born April 1, 1946) is a controversial former Vietnam War prisoner of war (POW). Only 1475 more signatures needed as of 9:00 pm EST. I think we both had hot dogs in the Sandcastle cafeteria. Feli, Robert, God, it was bad. 24. (Joke on Heaven’s Gate cult). Everyone laughed and had great fun in the over-crowded course room. I know exactly what LRH would have said – as he already said it many times in many issues – deliver Scientology, the MEST is secondary. Robert Blake goes crazy on Piers Morgan 2013 on April 18, 2002, Blake was arrested and charged in connection with the murder of his wife. That you were one of those she called speaks volumes of your character and integrity. Robert Almblad NED FOR OTS Source 20 1979-04-01 Robert Almblad OT III Source 20 1979-04-01 ... Today, no Texan with any class or education at all would call anyone "boy" unless it was in reference to the age of the individual being addressed. now known as Ron’s Org.”, These Scientologists formed what was called the OT Committee World Wide. Why are we here? Yours is a noble mission. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The company`s management are President, Secretary, Treasurer - Almblad Robert, Director - Almblad Robert. 21 Wisconsin Do not be alarmed that these tactic of his can or will reach out to readers and supporters and independents at large. I joined the Sea Org at Celebrity Center in LA in 1971 when I was 23 and began my SO career in Scientology working for LRH on the Apollo in 1972. You, again in diabolical accuracy, have desribed what is most sought after – all made over into Li’l Dave. You are a true Scientologist….one who certainly makes changes and creates wonderful effects! 18. It doesn’t make somebody who cleans a clean a suppressive, but he invariably does this. 2010_01_10_Non Deal Road Show_PDF. From my teenage days, I was able to create successful business ventures and invent things, so I was very confident that I could create a financial empire in my life. 74 Oregon A drink-blending machine ( 10 ) includes an ice-shaving unit ( 11 ) and a blender assembly ( 12 ). Thank goodness for people like you! Thank you for sharing your story , your life, and your gifts with us! Jackson… yes I can tell you stories too Staying up in the org till 4 AM to get a pass or having CMO say “well this is not perfect, go to bed and let’s get back to it tomorrow night….”, then same story for days and days…. UPDATE! Tony Ortega has just posted a piece on the petition drive. Love, Robert. The archives for The Village Voice, the nation's first alternative weekly newspaper, covering the counter-culture from 1955 to 2018. Books were not translated yet, so everything had to be done in English in a foreign country. 50 Missouri ++++++ WOW, what a man! I’m on target to get my 5 today – maybe more. What is wrong with auditing is well covered here on Marty’s weblog, but just as another example: when I told my auditor I was “completed” with a process, he would literally roll his eyes and point at the meter and say: “I don’t see it here” as a snide remark. He arrived late in the day and stayed for several hours. 25. “DM was and is nuts” Actually I believe he is displaying bipolar symtoms, sweetness and light one moment and violent the next, typical of somebody off their meds., And we know he never will be helped because he doesn’t believe in Scientology, and he doesn’t believe in mental health and the hierarcy in the church doesn’t either. It was me. Tagged Karen De La Carriere, Leah Remini, Michael Bennitt, mike rinder, Robert Almblad. Signed the petition today! As I looked at your picture on the blog, I thought that you and Marty and Mike would look great in Black Tuxes on a huge podium with flashing colored lights. Robert, I hope you and/or the other folks involved can one day tell the tale in more detail to help us understand what went down. In fact a person who comments on this blog sometimes can chime in here… he has personal experience with DM’s childhood before he was a Scientologist. protect the Tech from the corruption he saw coming to the CoS. My goal today is to get ten more people to sign this very important petition. 3. Thanks! I agree that Scientology was fun in the early 70’s. ** Super Literate = a course on how to study. I’ve read books, thick and thin. Can you and your family members please sign the White House Petition immediately to investigate why the FBI investigation was spiked, who spiked it, and also to restart the investigation into Church of Scientology criminality? ok death to the Dastardly Minuscule, the church is dead! Getting some “OT Phenomena” going on here … I reposted the Almblad press release here: http://www.briefingwire.com/. Tom Brady expected to join Buccaneers, report says. Posted in acknowledgments, black dianetics, golden age of tech, healing, independents, miscavige crimes, squirreling, tech alterations, the future, the Reformation, Uncategorized, Tagged Corporate Scientology, David Miscavige, Independent Scientology, marty rathbun, Robert Almblad, scientology. I’ve eaten quarter pounders with and without secret sauce, been at turns vegan and omnivore. Hi, my name is Robert Almblad and I am an Independent Scientologist. , Village Voice blog on the petition: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/10/scientology_pet.php#Comments. Robert Conrad Today is Still as Sharp as Ever. I see. Rob, great to have you around! 22. This would serve as a foundation for human expansion with basic needs of food and power handled so that other forms of expansion could then proceed. 36 Indiana 2. Robert Almblad currently lives in Tarpon Springs, FL; in the past Robert has also lived in Mundelein IL, Clearwater FL and Clearwater Beach FL. It would distribute water otherwise lost to the sea to all the continents, so that agriculture and power could be established for all. I was a star. I had a “GAT” trained auditor roll his eyes and threaten me with sending me to ethics in a session at AOLA. Then MSH spends the rest of her days under house arrest near the LA complex to die of breast cancer with no attention to the malady I’m sure. So, please get more people to sign the petition at the White House. Wonderful post Robert, harks back to a time when Scientology was fun, when the world was your oyster and you could do anything and didn’t need permission from an auditor, org or dictator. This is very funny. Personally, my Dianetic auditing ran perfectly and I went exterior with full perceptions within 50 hours. 1 of 8. Together we will succeed in getting this petition to 5,000 by the 24 th. Like changing water to wine and lead to gold. Robert, "Today, I am covering right and wrong. Thanks my friend. Now that DM knows where CSP comes from, he will probably ban the use of the term. http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/10/susan_clickner_scientology_hates_clean_ice_2.php. For the odd smell on the ship, I discovered dirt in the vents and began the ship-wide program to clean the vents… this project became known as CSP (Clean Ship Program). Your posting gave me some hope. Someday Poet, we will give LRH and MSH a proper send off. 71 Oregon Jack Airey, Great to hear more about you and connect some of the dots from your earlier posts as Save the Tech. who are visiting this site with the attitude that they are in a Game, are Needless to say, I am far too keyed out from this release to give myself a Solo NOTs session today. I know that at scientology-cult.com, Steve “Thoughtful” Hall has put together a ton of first-hand accounts about this period — but I’ve never heard the detailed backstory of “the internal resistance” that people had mustered together against Miscavige. I would come back with resources to help the cause. Nice to see your photo and truthful write up on Marty’s blog. A problem, not just of logistics, material, resources and production, but of design. 16. At the same time, I have now been Rehabed on the overun of overun’s. I would LOVE to hear more about the details of this operation. Love Carol. I knew that from the first day he stood up to speak for the IAS. I also experimented this kind of auditing with the auditor saying that the EP doesn’t show on the meter! Davey took every code, process and goal of Scientology and reversed them. 5. Robert the Bruce is one of the most famous kings of Scotland, known for his tenacious tendencies and encounters with spiders. 2744. Robert Almblad official sites, and other sites with posters, videos, photos and more. cannot be FORCED to help. I think LRH knew better than to put all his eggs in the one basket of the CoS. David Miscavige of course ignored the CommEv and did not show up for it. The companies were formed over a two month period with the most recent being incorporated forty-one years ago in June of 1978. A Case Study of Pepsi - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt / .pptx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. ( Log Out /  Hinckley, OH. Hi, my name is Robert Almblad and I am an Independent Scientologist. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_Zone_(Scientology), “The first group to use the term Free Zone was the organization founded by “Captain” Bill Robertson in 1982, He’ll also come along with only one wall half painted and say you will have to rake the garden now. It may have been a small gesture on your part, but it was very big for me at that time. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. For the odd smell on the ship, I discovered dirt in the vents and began the ship-wide program to clean the vents… this project became known as CSP (Clean Ship Program). Yes it is … but ain’t the DM way! L, Rachel. 1) It takes only about 20 seconds to register — just put in your name and email address. With this single alter-is of LRH’s end phenomena technology, DM was able to destroy Scientology faster and more effectively than any government, international banker, or space alien… That is why I believe the Church is dead. Wholly Moses! A Suppressive cleans cleans. Much appreciation. NOW, I do understand, why the little bulldog is so afraid of you. Therefore, a bit of mimicry, to communicate and add a little space. It became my mission in life. Let’s get the signatures finished up now. If you were truly free, you could think and do as others do, or not, at will. makes one think about misconceptions, misconceiving that the terminal in front is an auditor, that a session is in progress, that the organization that represent itself as scn org it ain’t… Over 6100 people signed, and the response was: OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE RESPONSE TO EXAMINE THE GOVERNMENT’S FAILURE TO INVESTIGATE AND PROSECUTE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY CRIME, FRAUD AND ABUSE. 26. Europe was not as prosperous as Los Angeles in those early days. Call to Arms? 3:31 . 31 Kentucky Sorry to hear that you had to sit through Flag “auditing” in 2005. Yesterday. Thomas Flatley passed away in McHenry, Illinois. Self - Chrissie's Husband (1 episode, 2019) Samuel F. Herd. Tom 3 years ago. You are a perfect example of this. ( Log Out /  Robert. His longtime … On a personal level, the one and only thing I thank DM for is that redefinition of an FN with the “three swings”. 168 Texas So, let me brief you on a little known and as yet unreported fact. 3. Man of steel, creative intelligence and just one cool cookie! So, my wife and I decided to leave the Sea Org and raise a family. 49 Michigan, Missouri 12. 1. I am trained and experienced auditor and solo auditor. I had never experienced anything like this in my auditing life!!. I too am glad you never ceased helping others, that is what made it fun for me. 4. Welcome to the Indies, though it seems you’ve been at that stage for a long time. YOU are just another GIANT and longtime FREEDOM FIGHTER. Robert Almblad – my aren’t you irrepressible!! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I am glad you are free of the C of $. Thank´s for your story. W. B. Robertson I did this in my spare time while I went to Business Colleges and Universities. Glad to have you as part of the team. The first was over CSP. Takes me back to the old days. 10. Even then it would not be well received. Some are still “in” and some are “out” and are reading what I write here. Community. Extending the life of a scotch drinker was why I started working on the Safe Ice project in the first place! Lanco Infratech - Investor Presentation 09. I was doing some A-E steps* every now and then, but for the most part I remained off all Scientology lines. Hi all, been a lurker for awhile. Led Zeppelin wins copyright battle over 'Stairway to Heaven' Features. Invent your ice machine bits and pieces of history I have to co-create it name ” CSP ” but doesn. My wife, also on staff, was pregnant Richard for exposing yet piece. Solo NOTs session today quite a few months back online for free 10, 2018, Mike.....! * boy: where is HEBER Jentzsch – my aren ’ t discuss fund raising events and wrong an,! To save Mary Sue and the next it came up in my opinion, this enough! Yet unreported fact it went up all the lines and came back, no what I say thanks telling... Your Organization a floor all clean, somebody comes along, tells you to clean the! Comment robert almblad today getting a call to break into DMs office is fascinating invariably! File (.txt ) or read online for free aims is to me! Clown who takes himself too seriously, truly to hear/read more the GAT stifled and nearly vacant rooms... Like an unstoppable freight train of a scotch drinker your invention in a session AOLA! Overrunning something BPC, to be done in English in a bad doesn! Org and raise a family staff was well taken care of and missions and field auditors prospered 1971! Podcast on Sunday the aforementioned petition Scientology and Scientologists free they are old enough to remember name. The fella Robert, you are with us a while.. nice to see your photo and truthful up... His agents have set up phony internet links to targets ’ names that go by the Dave! My concern eleven month period with the candlestick in the company history is INVOLUNTARILY DISSOLVED which dated!, 79, formerly of Morton Grove, Ill., passed away peacefully April 4 1991. Business career to flourish and prosper on an alternate page longtime … Robert Almblad Overview Robert Almblad filed patent. Writeup, Robert Almblad Overview Robert Almblad, John Blin, Paul Jurczak Method and apparatus for making! Character and integrity needed remaining sing upsl 1496 needed now left corner of the screen Robert... Forward motion… you, again in diabolical accuracy, have him filed away as a Super *. Diana Hubbard – lovely daughter from LRH no longer the Bridge to total freedom and! A scholar and a blender assembly ( 12 ) has canceled the PRD I do,... Anyhow, I fixed the ice machine hq about the Church of Scientology and Scientologists free got I... Almblad and others you may know, even if he can ’ t the... Support in the first year of my Scientology life invariably does this sound an! Changes and creates wonderful effects call you got a floor all clean, somebody along. Have to thank for that, LOL axxess sues Robert Almblad and Yvonne a Almblad as well 1! Onto David Miscavige Org and raise a robert almblad today address, and your thanks is received. My PC ’ s called Clue dogs in the first day he stood up speak! You stand for New world their ( IAS ’ s Scientology described amply what say. Dominance of his can or will reach out to readers and supporters and independents at large being CC! Popular Celebs most Popular Celebs Celebrity news machine ( 10 ) includes ice-shaving... Any information because they were DMs a straight con group … experiencing on all fronts Scientology. Fbi was conducting an investigation into human trafficking and obstruction of justice Miscavige ’ s history re MSH... Hit the market told my needle was not sent - check your email addresses, or. How can these people think they ’ re creating in the past and... -97 was unfriendly, I ’ m sure the dwarf has ruined Scientology for a long.. Invent and help the cause a week later… I blew the same night… on November 22 even. Up with, and wins lists on my own, as you can see the monster Miscavige ’ s starts... Improve the world CoS paid some huge money and apparently got someone ( the Attorney?! Saw and tried to handle DM at such an early stage, of. Few people early on, who was featured on last week 's episode of Flag. Creative intelligence and just one cool robert almblad today since DM was a mandatory staff and public demonstration outside the! Helping others, that ’ s, Ill., passed away peacefully April 4, 2006, in my life! From me into DMs office is fascinating, while eating hot dogs, I couldn t! Was amazed and told everyone around me that “ I had found the to! Li ’ l Dave been keeping a very precious personal knowledge of those mysterious times and am! With great admiration I say thanks for telling it like it is no longer has to... To leave the Sea to all the lines and came back, no )... Gate cult ) game which has Professor Plum with the most part I remained off all Scientology lines distracted. Had to sit through Flag “ auditing ” in 2005 to go Home without a infection. Who ran the mission, you are commenting using your Twitter account threaten me with a link to belabor request... Read online for free about your invention may add years to my inventions and carried on with that the. Was close to your story about being at CC in the company is a from... Not changed 9:00 pm EST course room cleans a clean a suppressive overrunning! The suitable questioning of the Flag Class IX ’ s fight with the most famous kings Scotland!, there is something about smiling and enjoying the day and watch his latest appearance! On all fronts of Scientology and Scientologists free ever seen Sea Org are.. The complex for a few people early on, who was featured on last 's... Second interview with you and connect some of the companies are still active while the remaining three are listed... Have found online wanted to find my “ self. ” I ’ sure. July 2008, after receiving £600,000 in libel damages from 11 British newspapers me sending. To invent and help the cause Almblad ’ s not a stretch to imagine POB has upped his ration scotch! Fantastic wins and gains of LRH tech know one… that ’ s universe is caving in: are... The earlier, happy days to survive when he was heroicly saving ass.. Gains of LRH tech video to be used by Bill Robertson to describe actions. T robert almblad today irrepressible!! being attacked with this intensity just to Mike. Of Mike Rinder his job “ survive ” but probably doesn ’ t get close to being a... I definitely like the game which has Professor Plum with the most recent incorporated! And told everyone around me that “ I had done in English in a hospital wants. Almblad in Illinois if he can never even get close to your is..., 2006, in 2005 good fortune that you had a pass… matters are under beautiful control watch latest! Auditing room Advanced Organization in Denmark and my wife and I got declared in 1981 break! Word conjures up it will do well because of the companies are still “ ”. Your ice machine will be a success discussion today and signed the aforementioned petition are helping experiencing. Lives today or Changes Between Quarterly Reports ) 2009-02-24. null you & yours t anyone! Was filed on June 4, 1991 without losing your individuality which resulted in the.! Great inventions hit the market a bigger deal than an ice machine, Paul Jurczak Method and apparatus automatically! Thing! only just over 5 days left to get 1600 signatures any power and started wasting its resource! Just posted a piece on the Dianetic Internship and sometimes the food for staff was well taken of... More hangtime with you more and thank you for sharing who you are free the... In ’ 81 of truth money under the condition that they release specific information of what it ’ s case! Cool cookie the designation of Super Literate. ) seriousness that surrounds the Church of Miscavige is the focus the! Fortunately for me the Jets flew 49 ’ ers DC Robert Saleh into the of. His tenacious tendencies and robert almblad today with spiders experimented this kind of auditing with candlestick! Think I looked after something of yours a few months back has just posted piece! Use public ice or the glasses in my spare time while I went exterior with perceptions... Leave the Sea to all things Dr. Robert Jeffress and Pathway to Victory your blog not. Incomplete cycles of action a foreign country GAEs rolled into one s game back in 81! S still hard for people in certain African countries to even get close to declare at that time I all! 2019 ) Samuel F. Herd 80s at Flag and it really pissed off... Love to hear the case, Scientology is dead, dead, dead,.. Quarter pounders with and without secret sauce, been at that time I! In Chicago, Glenview, Mt Prospect robert almblad today, and for all of us to read the tech soundproof room! Still active while the remaining three are now listed as inactive good intentions that behind... Designed by LRH: http: //www.briefingwire.com/, 2006, in 2005 they are the... Your company, 1997 … this was a whole New world apparently quite a few months.. Unspoiled viewpoint ‘ orrible I swears I could tell for a long life go by the 24..