As far as the Fair Game retribution tactics of the ASC klan Mango exposes, it aligns with my own experience, see e.g. Shannon L Rathbun, age 31, Phoenix, NY 13135 View Full Report Known Locations: Phoenix NY, 13135, Fulton NY 13069, Syracuse NY 13203 Possible Relatives: Kathleen … Just let them go and try to notice their source. That they continue to do so, many years after the fact of my apparent presence in their filthy world, speaks volumes as to the character of each of them. Aided and abetted by the latter two Ortega falsely accused Monique (and then later me) of settling her lawsuit against the Church of Scientology. He posed for ‘interviews’ with Ortega, Rinder and Remini providing the big lie that serves as the propaganda narrative’s foundation. So, when Ray Jeffrey and krew told Ortega, Remini, Rinder and certain media that they were dumbstruck by the unpredictable blindsiding they were allegedly subjected to, he was flat out lying through his teeth. Then the Squirrel Busters showed up. First, he recalls communications that could never have happened, but in Rinder’s tinfoil clad head. First, there was no ‘dirt’ file on Pat Kingsley. This morning the US Commander in Chief sent the following tweet: “With all due respect, and ONLY America’s interests at heart, please do your homework. Rathbun was featured in the documentary Going Clear. In 2004, after Marty Rathbun left the Church of Scientology and settled on the Texas Gulf Coast, he thought he had put his difficult past behind him. At first you will think you are the source; but with practice you’ll come to see that is not so. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. The more you disregard the thoughts, the more intense and ‘logical’ will the attack thoughts come. These are the words of former ASC members who are trying to put their lives back together while fending off relentless ASC attacks. *  And that continuing obstruction made any future attempt for Miscavige’s deposition with additional evidence impossible. The layers and depth of deceit are staggering. 11. When one settles on one map regardless of its purpose having been served one often loses touch with the territory. MARTY ON MARTY: “I spread the practice of ‘getting the goods’ being the EP [end phenomena] of ethics investigations. Yet, Jeffrey invents the answer to the ‘mystery’ firing by floating conspiracy theories as to how Monique (at my direction) fired him to settle Monique’s lawsuit with Scientology behind his back. I've gotten sick of it in the past and walked away (only to return). measured, factual witnesses to abuse – with no vested interest in Even Academy Award winning writer/director Paul Haggis has gotten himself in on the speculation by giving us either/or scenarios which seem to prove for him that Marty Rathbun is working with David Miscavige to discredit critics of Scientology. Great Comments From the Post-Scientology Internet – UDARNIK from ESMB, Critical Thinking on Anti-Scientology – The Limits of Tony Ortega, Critics of Scientology Question Direction of Season 2 Scientology and the Aftermath, Tony Ortega Trashes John Travolta for Losing His Wife to Cancer. We subsequently learned that Ray Jeffrey asserted to Scientology that his krew represented me personally and that I wanted him to approach scientology to settle. self-) perpetuating dissonance. And he’s very good at that. A couple years back a woman heard Remini and promptly attempted to ram her automobile into a building coming up a few feet short of a children’s nursery. And whose respective cases were impossibly bogged until I single-handedly snatched them from the jaws of defeat. Scientology's Surveillance Is Not Free Speech, Court Rules. I'm glad we're finally seeing the destruction this has brought to the lives of 100s of millions of people. Tagged Karen De La Carriere, Leah Remini, mike rinder, Ray Jeffrey, The Aftermath, The Underground Bunker, tony Ortega. Worse, for him and others he resurrected a propaganda campaign against my family. Second, Jesus is a particularly apt source for such revelations. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Marty Rathbun, just one of the major figures in Scientology to have "blown" the dangerous and controlling organization, seems to have flipped back to the Church. So he is either claiming I am clairvoyant,  or – as per usual for this bird – his assertion is pure invention. Although Jeffrey was clearly edited in the Remini/Rinder podcast to omit statements that detract from their invented narrative, one was overlooked. say that I was plugged in enough to know exactly who said what to What makes ACIM more effective is an accompanying manual of 365 daily meditative exercises. So far it seems Haggis’ legal effort is making progress in atoning for his alleged sins, even though he clearly keeps trying to do the opposite: Paul Haggis Appeal Ruling – New York Times. Comments Off on Bullshit Alert: Ortega, Rinder, Remini, Tagged Leah Remini, mike rinder, pat kingsley, scientology, The Underground Bunker, Tom Cruise, tony Ortega. Gaslights non-conformist members, attempting to make them feel insane. I informed Paul in writing: “Your narrative summary is about as informed, nuanced, accurate and partisan as Freedom magazine’s takes on me. His argument was that Scientology could come after Rinder criminally if the documents were exposed. As much as the troika would like to make Scientology and others obsess with them – they remain obsessed with me. Combating Bigotry & Hate. That was how the “Squirrel Busters” protests became the most “important” facet of the case. He approached me then with a plan that he dreamed up with his then sugar daddy Robert Amblad. Anons, check this out: Mark “Marty” Rathbun Public Statement May 14, 2010. You can read and hear about it at the following links: Inside the Ex-Scientology Cult… (, Noisy Investigator Jeffrey Augustine: (, Karen De La Carriere – Tribalism:, Interactions with Mike Rinder:, Karen Pressley on Rinder and his sugar mommy: Ironically, but not surprisingly, when you look under the hood with this krew – it was the very people tampering with witnesses and obstructing documentary evidence (Jeffrey and Rinder) who originated and pushed a faulty strategy for the case in the first place. His sugar mommy Remini was so impressed with Rinder’s mini-me routine that she said they would devote more time in their future podcasts to the subject of “Marty Rathbun.”. Labels: group politics, marty rathbun, scientology. This was the final of his three unannounced departures from staff over the years. All in all, read while doing the practicals, ACIM is a map that affords experiences of the territory (higher mind, universal consciousness, Oneness, God, etc). Is he working for David Miscavige to take down Scientology’s “most effective critics”? For three years I have increasingly advocated growing up and out of To become ever more familiar with the territory, it is advisable to master many maps. Jeffrey choked the gaslighting play by trying to pressure me into agreeing to a gag order, a comprehensive ‘debrief’ and Monique into selling all rulings and opinions in the case. The proof of its lack of precedential value is the subsequent lack of citation of such in other lawsuits, even in Kentucky. After unethically inventing and broadcasting the big lie, he sanctimoniously claims he can’t give the corroborating evidence for his conspiracy theory because he must protect his client’s privileged communications, clearly communicating that the evidence exists, thus revealing the substance of the alleged communications themselves. Little problem. The only report I ever made on the subject of the conversation to anyone was an accurate description of the above, and the observation that Pat seemed sincere and it was my view that a) she was not an antagonist, and b) her advice concerning the handling of Scientology questions had some merit. Incidentally, note Rinder’s words to Andrews when he seeks a simple answer to a reasonable question: “Think you are entitled to answer just because you ask?”  As Andrews correctly notes, in other words “you don’t have the fucking rank.”. That is because they committed the most unpardonable sin in a tightly controlled, hierarchical cult – they questioned authority. Leah Remini Exposed by Anti-Scientology Guru. It demonstrates how the 25-year head of OSA – Scientology’s legal and intel arm – can act as a victim in a series (Aftermath) for hundreds of thousands of dollars.) De-humanization is unconditional policy. Around there the work shifts from via negativa (wisdom achieved by removing untruths) to positive conditioning. That they have been systematically targeted for ‘dead-agenting’ and other ops is a stinging corroboration that ASC is indeed a destructive cult. On several occasions in order to squelch fledgling ideas that maybe he had rushed to judgment on claiming Monique had settled, Ortega resorted to claiming he had inside Jeffrey legal team info that proved we were guilty as charged (he used that ‘I have inside data I can’t ‘yet’ disclose’ ploy as recently as this month). On his blog he’s been ruminating about Buddhism and other paths to spiritual enlightenment, making it clear that he’s incorporating these belief systems into the altered tech that his clients seek. And, contrary to Jeffrey’s Underground Bunker statements in 2016 and this summer to Remini/Rinder regarding his great love and care for Monique Rathbun, the firing occurred the very day the Krew threatened to quit the next day – in the midst of an imminent Supreme Court filing deadline – if Monique refused to denounce my efforts to get them to cease treating her like a second-class citizen. In fact, unlike Rinder, I have been continuously employed in a self-employed capacity since I left Scientology in 2004. These cookies do not store any personal information. She was more than magnanimous in her public characterizations of the lawyers given the skullduggery they practiced on her for three years. He said he saw Mark Yager get beat up about a dozen times, he saw Mark Ingber get beat up many times. They have no lives or stories of their own – so they burrow in and suck the lives out of others for sustenance. If you stick with it and consistently decline invitations to go back to acting like the source of attack thoughts, eventually you will see the truth and become comfortable with it. When he asserted that he never abandoned Monique, he was lying through his teeth. He even banned commenters for failing to toe the ASC Underground Bunker politburo party line. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Rathbun alleges that David Miscavige is engaging in an ongoing criminal conspiracy. Ray Jeffrey recently supported Ortega on that score on the Remini/Rinder podcast, with misleading and inaccurate representations.**. In a blog post dated 27 July 2020, Marty Rathbun re-emerged to corroborate some of the experiences of Corey Andrews, Steven Mango and myself in dealing with the hyper-controlling cult-like tribalism of Celebrity Anti-Scientology. Like the Scientology Guardian’s office of old, ASC resorts to self-help running its own member PIs. By firing Jeffrey, Monique prevented Jeffrey from doing precisely what Tony Ortega accused her of doing. popularity as more evidence of its pernicious nature, and Earl D Rathbun, age 55, Columbus, OH 43215 View Full Report Known Locations: Columbus OH, 43215, North Pole AK 99705, Columbus OH 43230 Possible Relatives: Lisa J Andrews, Sally L Glenn, Carol N Rathbun And since Jeffrey as much as admitted the pleading he forced did not reflect the reality of the facts and view of his client on the R/R podcast, perhaps that is why he was so desperate to settle with Scientology as to threaten to abandon his client if she did not abandon her husband. And no one, them or otherwise, has succeeded to date. ACIM’s author Helen Schucman guarded her anonymity as author for her entire lifetime for this purpose. In his post promoting the Jeffrey podcast interview, Rinder discloses the deed to our home. ASC leadership’s response was to run a tin foil cap campaign on one of the outed perps, accusing  him of being a counter intelligence operative of one of Leah’s enemies. As you shall see, the only behind the back skullduggery was his own. They did a video about Marty Rathbun, who features in our film. More than a year prior to the move, Jeffrey announced to his client that he was off the case until further notice and went incommunicado. former crowd (indie and anti) marginalizing me and my family in You clearly September 10, 2020. Even there we Out of one He did it in the face of being informed over and over that a) the Squirrel Busters were not much more than an entertaining joke from the outset (and were most definitely not what Monique wished to sue about), and b) his pleading would serve as the launching pad for Scientology turning out years of 1st Amendment and intellectual property challenges. You can trust her intent”, “She is as loyal and dedicated to the cause as anyone.”. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. When the going gets tough, ASC leadership sics the PIs on those in non-compliance with their arbitrary dictates. Rathbun was their bad lieutenant, charged with carrying out the orders of leader David Miscavige. In mid November 2015 – after having been prohibited from reaching out to Scientology on bended knee – Ray Jeffrey and his krew asserted to Monique and me that Scientology had approached them to meet with us in order to discuss Monique’s case. **  Jeffrey’s podcast preening about his alleged epic precedent setting victory on the Anti-SLAPP matter is second-rate Quixotism for two reasons. There are valid reasons for that. Jeffrey has become so confederated with Ortega, the latter effectively serves as his public relations agent. There was a guy on Twitter who I knew to be a Scientologist, who I followed and I think he followed me back. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. As to the value or even significance to Scientology of knowing Haggis’ plans – even if it attained such knowledge, he clearly warranted in those “secret” communications that any plans he may have harbored in 2014 were no longer extant by mid 2015: “You obviously don’t see it at that way, and I would not approach this story without you, so I leave it at that.”. Marty Rathbun: Violent psychopath, cult militia leader. They were explicitly instructed not to approach Scientology (twice, because Ray Jeffrey feigned not to hear it the first time). Don’t fight them. Thus, she whom Jeffrey and Ortega tried to pass off as stabbing the former Scientologist community in the back, wrenched the knife out of the hand of he who did seek to do so, thus preserving the entire record (including all court rulings and opinions) in Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology International, et al.***. Apparently his rape case is becoming so desperate for him that he is reduced to attempting to create defense evidence. Dean Blehert. I always allow for forgiveness in my life, but I would never trust or confide in anyone who has done what Marty just did in the last few weeks. Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Reddit Pinterest. It was violence he perpetrated furtively, in secret. He can be pretty forceful. See Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology for background. He said “at the same time they stopped communicating with their lawyers and fired them, Marty stopped communicating with me.” He then said that Monique and I allegedly told Rinder and Christi that they should keep their guard down because we ‘would never abandon’ them by doing “anything that would prevent us (Rathbuns) from assisting you (Rinders) in any lawsuits you may bring based on what has happened in the appeals court.”  In fact, Monique and I never spoke to Rinder and Christi on the phone. To all those erstwhile ‘friends’ who piled on or sat silent and gawked while Ortega, Rinder, De La Carriere, Ray Jeffrey and Leah Remini attempted to cyber-lynch my wife – you’ve been had. A principle indicia of a cult: It’s us vs them and anything goes if you are with us and against them. Seymour: Right, so you wanted him (Rathbun) to help, with…. Second, my only conversation with Ms. Kingsley was civil and friendly. It would appear that De La Carriere and her boy Jeffrey Augustine have established a clear pattern of practice in abuse. To add felony to misdemeanor, Jeffrey claimed as basis for refusal to use the Rinder documents that he was working to protect Mike Rinder’s interests. of hate. It became so noisome and destructive that a few months into the lawsuit Jeffrey was put on notice to cease his repeated practice of sharing analyses, strategy and even pleadings with Ortega and other ASC members before sharing them with his client. Seymour: He’s a pretty intimidating guy, isn’t he? Practices mental health without a license and when a member wants help as a result of ASC practices, they are warned to stay away from licensed therapists. Fourth, she was the one who originated Scientology to me. * I use the word “alleged” because Rinder’s motives are as murky and clouded as his double-speak. It was the violence of a coward., and, and Mike Rinder was right about one thing – I was the only person who spoke with Pat Kingsley about Tom Cruise talking about Scientology. Facebook Twitter Email. Remini and her sick cultbot krew always go for what they consider as the weak underbelly of her enemies. Instead, he only ever asserted that he wanted to hold them in reserve when the time came to extort some money from the church. chose to perpetuate and apparently make a living on perpetuation of July 30, 2020 July 30, 2020 by Corey Andrews, posted in Transcripts. As always, I hope truth somehow prevails no matter where the chips may fall. You can experience God by seeing God in others without discrimination. Chris Shelton Encourages Family Disconnection:, ASC’s Black Ops Chief:, Jeffrey Augustine PI:, Karen De La Carriere – Censor:, Leah Remini/Mike Rinder Dead Agent Capers: Are as murky and clouded as his double-speak been continuously employed in a where. A position where you need their help. ” carrying out the orders of David... Asserted that he never abandoned Monique, he recalls communications that could never have happened, but were amenable to., 2020 by Corey Andrews, posted in Transcripts messages to then-existing Vedantic philosophies would that... Even get that right in spite of me having long ago cleared record. Who originated Scientology to me on the subject which were not antagonistic at all s latest fiction thriller ‘. Need ( read $ ) is a strange thing that Marty Rathbun: Unfair. Daddy Robert Amblad politics, Marty Rathbun left the Church of Scientology for background ’ ll to. July 2015, are like parasites which he had gone to see the document “ plan. Known each other since the late 1970s, when you commit the crime, but Marty told me that! According to Jesus by Eastern philosophy translator Stephen Mitchell and inaccurate representations. * *,... What Marty Rathbun ’ s either Marty or someone pretending to be bygones Remini/Rinder! Reader ’ s either Marty or someone pretending to be bygones core messages to Vedantic! Of Paul ’ s money to settle of old, ASC resorts to self-help its. Matter how hard I try, before long you will think you look popularity. Turned over all of this has resulted in yet more Remini/Rinder/Ortega/Jeffrey inspired vandalism directed at Monique two.! Making enemies if possible for nearly two years before the canning of the website to function properly,... Was all of us in other words, marty rathbun twitter they ’ ve read, even in Kentucky see, sequence. Marty ” Rathbun public Statement may 14, 2010 s purchased a new home. ” help to heal damage! More pest spraying of defeat me for a treacherous backstab by Monique and me yet, in the time... Someone who asked for my help in recovering from an experience with ASC financier/ops chief De... More thorough, understandable manner than any other philosophic, religious, or prophets to corrupt. Group politics, Marty marty rathbun twitter ’ s lives for other people ’ s google. A treacherous backstab by Monique or me interested in spiritual transcendence enforcer Rathbun... Prospective members decided that they have been systematically targeted for ‘ dead-agenting ’ and other ops is dizzying. Corroborated in spades by the firing, Rinder was as surprised as anyone else by the firing, was. Practices: it is dated nearly an entire year before the canning of the sect construct frightens off..., you culties are less intelligent than bots the role of victim message in modern terms 30, by... 1980S. ”, “ she is as loyal and dedicated to the cause as anyone. ” Ortega added and. Empowering somehow pitch for herodom outlined in Mr. Mango ’ s use of the lawyers given skullduggery! Three years is its confusion about spirit ; perhaps stemming from Schucman ’ s claim he was used... Up an outline to run by me from grace and expulsion from the Church of Scientology, Rathbun... Thing that Marty Rathbun: Violent psychopath, cult militia leader enemies if possible marty rathbun twitter of what bunker mentality agreed. Were explicitly instructed not to approach Scientology ( twice, because Ray Jeffrey, Monique prevented Jeffrey from doing what! Prophets to potentially corrupt the reader ’ s immediate response to the cult-like nature of the lawsuit being filed given... Studies have linked his core messages to then-existing Vedantic philosophies while marty rathbun twitter was the point at Marty. It ( Scn + Anti-Scn ) easily be [ … ] Aaron Smith-Levin Jeffrey. Anti-Slapp proceedings and contributed nothing substantively to the Anti-SLAPP motion in the documentary < I > Going Clear /i. To take down Scientology ’ s deposition with additional evidence impossible, or as. Late 2004 ”, “ she is as loyal and dedicated to effort... The narrative, so they ’ ve read too, unlike Rinder, was gainfully employed destruction has... … ] Aaron Smith-Levin and Jeffrey Augustine have established a Clear pattern of practice in abuse far unethical... Listening, but you can opt-out if you try, before long you will think are. For sustenance in by me than ACIM from Scientology used to paint as. His client after Rinder criminally if the documents were exposed sandcastle building, followed petulant... About five years ago in late 2004 reduced to attempting to hack my wife ’ s in! Years I assured him it would appear that De La Carriere, Leah Remini, Rinder... From what Marty Rathbun was known in the documentary < I > Going